Design Capsules: Decorate Your Room Like A Pro

We firmly believe that a good room can become a great one with the right furniture which is why we are proud that so many homes are enjoying our bespoke furniture in London and the surrounding areas. However, as important as the right furniture is when it comes to creating a room that makes a statement, it is equally important to consider how you will bring the room together so it does your bespoke furniture justice. The devil is in the details and that means you need to pay attention to all the finishing touches like accessories and soft furnishings, as well as colour palettes and layouts. This is where interior design comes in.

Contrary to popular belief, interior design is not just for the professionals. You don’t have to come up with some weirdly wonderful design concept that turns your home into a living art sculpture; it simply means having a theme and sense of coherency that ties together all of the different elements in the room and gives it a particular feel. Below is a quick guide to one of the most in vogue design capsules, the French style.

French Style

The French style is classic, chic and embodies a sense of understated elegance. There are a lot of French-inspired home accessories on the market at the moment and this, combined with how in vogue French and shabby-chic styles have been for the past few years, suggests that the French design capsule will make your home bang on trend in a classic way that will last throughout many trend cycles. Here’s how to achieve the French design capsule:

Colour Palette

There are two distinct French palettes; the first is monochromatic French blue and white, the second is composed of neutral tones ranging from champagnes and creams to light blush and mocha. Keeping the colours but adding sparkles and pearlescent finishes where appropriate can turn a French country palette into a chic, almost decadent palette


Vintage or antique style furniture is always fitting for a French capsule. Painted pieces lend themselves to a country style whereas gold, silver or glass pieces add a sense of luxury fit for Marie Antoinette and her lavish parties. Upholstered pieces are also a must, whether in soft or vibrant tones, they should be of a decadent material like velvet, brocade or silk

Accents and Accessories

Wallpaper is a fabulous accent for rooms decorated with the French design capsule; especially as typical French patterns like Fleur De Lys, Baroque and Damask are popular wallpaper prints. Other accents like mirrors and typically French artwork (like Monet) can give the room a bit more character whilst accessories such as antique keys, books, old clocks, neutral ornaments and silk table lamps can be the perfect finishing touches. If you want a statement piece then a chandelier is a very French way to go about getting one

This is just a quick guide to one of the many design capsules out there you can use for inspiration (be sure to check back to our blog for more design capsules!). The most important thing is that you think of each and every room in your home as a blank canvas, an empty shell waiting to be transformed. Once you add fitted features like practical but attractive flooring and quality bespoke furniture, you need to address the details and dress it up. The end product is a room designed and executed perfectly, ready and waiting to be enjoyed.