Design Capsules: Decorate Your Room Like A Pro … Go Nautical

The easiest way to transform a room – or even an entire household – is to switch up the décor. We are proud that so many homes are doing just that with our stunning bespoke furniture in London and the surrounding areas, but there are even more ways to completely overhaul your interior decoration; all incredibly effective. Whether it’s adding a few new home accessories, painting a feature wall or completely redesigning and redecorating every inch of a room, you can transform the look and feel of your living space in a relatively straightforward manner.

The most obvious way to spruce up a room is to buy some new statement pieces; these are usually items of furniture or a structural feature like a fireplace. In addition to furniture, you can make a statement and create an entirely different room by looking at the finer details that will ultimately bring the whole thing together. They say the devil is in the details and that is certainly the case when it comes to making the most of your bespoke furniture with the right soft furnishings, colour palettes and accessories. So how do you go about focusing on the design details whilst simultaneously trying to piece together the bigger picture? You employ interior design.

You see, interior design is not just for the professionals or for those with a penchant for the weird and wonderful. Interior design is simply the way you turn your house into the home you want. Having a plan and a theme that ties everything together can have an astounding effect on the appearance and ambience of a room, so it is worth gathering inspiration from themes, styles and design capsules that suit your tastes.

To get you started we have put together a quick guide (below) to one of the most classic and on-trend design capsules in home and fashion; Nautical style.

Nautical Style

  • The Nautical style has long been a favourite for interiors, especially with those who prefer a relaxed beach-like atmosphere complete with whitewash and blue and white monochrome. Nautical evokes feelings of summer, breeziness and a chilled out vibe. Though the style can vary in how subtle it is, Nautical never really goes out of fashion because it is so flexible and timeless. Every Spring/Summer fashion catwalk features a “Resort” range based on nautical styles and breezy lifestyles, so it makes sense that having the theme in your home would make it classic and timeless as well as contemporary and en vogue, depending on your preference. So, here’s how to achieve the Nautical design capsule:

Colour Palette              

  • As expected, the Nautical design capsule pulls its inspiration from the beach and see. The colour palette is predominantly white and blue, with a plethora of different shades, from antique white and brilliant white to aqua, navy and baby blue, adding depth and flexibility to the colours. For accent colours, reds like wine and burgundy are stunningly subtle but still eye-catching. As far as woods and finishes are concerned, any colours or shades reminiscent of the sea will suit the design; that means mid-toned stains, distressed or whitewashed pale woods and reclaimed woods will work best.


  • Reclaimed wood looks authentic and beach-distressed but painted wood can add colour and character to the room. On the other hand dark, muted non-reclaimed woods can also work well with to contrast the bright airiness of blues and whites found in the Nautical design capsule. Upholstery can add interest to the room, whether it uses stripes, block colours or all-out nautical patterns (complete with anchors and such), all of which work well with a Nautical capsule and fit both contemporary and classic takes on it.

Accents and Accessories

  • Everything nautical and beach-like works for this capsule, no matter how mismatched it may seem at first. Things like ropes, ships’ steering wheels, blue glass bottles, model yachts and anchors all fit in perfectly alongside seashells, pebbles and wicker baskets as accessories and feature pieces. This flexibility lends itself to all manner of accessories from model lighthouses to rope rugs; the final choice depending on whether you want a traditional “New England” Nautical style, a contemporary white room with a few hints of blues, beaches and seashells or somewhere in the middle. Keeping things simple, light and airy is the key to accessorising a Nautical design capsule in order to make sure you keep things ‘themed’ without turning your home into a maritime museum.

Of course, how you interpret the Nautical design capsule and how you choose to stage it in your home is a matter of personal preference. You can use the above guide as a point of reference or inspiration, but the style is so flexible that you can really make it your own. Just remember to keep things light and breezy, use reclaimed woods and other beach materials and keep to the blue and white colour palette. Other than those few guidelines, you can be as creative as you want – just remember, you need to treat your home as a blank canvas, ready to transform into a nautical paradise. So have fun and enjoy the designing and decorating as much as you will the finished room!