The Benefits of Bespoke Furniture

Whether you’re a first-time mover or it’s your third time relocating, the excitement of new furniture, trinkets and a chance to redecorate your brand new home is unavoidable. With a splash of paint and a dash of personal style, you can transform your new house. However, when it comes to actually purchasing the furniture, it’s likely that you’ll have two options; you can either opt for free standing furniture or fitted (bespoke) furniture. While free standing furniture may seem like the most ideal option because of its price, bespoke furniture has its benefits too. Below we have compiled just 3 benefits of bespoke furniture.


As far as space-saving options go, fitted furniture is definitely in the top 3. As it can be made to your exact specifications in terms of measurements and overall size, it will fit perfectly into the dedicated space with no hassle of trying to hide awkward corners or unsightly gaps at the back of your cupboards. By having bespoke furniture, you can not only save on space allowing more room for other furniture or activities depending on the room you’re looking to redecorate, it also helps to enhance the appearance of the room and make it look a little more neat and tidy.


One advantage that many homeowners value is that you can create your own furniture design and have your fitted furniture exactly the way you want it. While you may prefer to purchase pre-designed goods, there’s no reason why you can’t extract a few ideas from the internet and compile them into one final design. The freedom you get in terms of customisation with bespoke furniture allows you to make your home one of a kind and you can design your custom-made furniture to meet your exact requirements in terms of appearance, storage, size and style.


Bringing us back to the gaps between the furniture and the walls, quite often a lot of dust can collect in these spaces and they can be very awkward to clean, especially if you find yourself getting caught between the corner and your cupboards. On a brighter note, as bespoke furniture is usually pushed right back against the wall, it gets rid of these unsightly holes and helps to diminish the amount of dust that collects behind the furniture. This also works for the space between the ceiling and furniture; say a wardrobe, as there is less space for dust to collect meaning that you can take a break from spring cleaning for a while!

These are just three benefits of bespoke furniture.

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