Furniture Inspiration

Redecorating is always a fun process; from choosing the furniture to painting over your dull greyish walls, the final result is always worthwhile. However, choosing how to redecorate or transform a room can be difficult especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. You may have popped into your local shop and found a few trinkets and decorative items but that’s not enough to completely renovate your home. While it’s always great to look around the shops to find what you need, looking online for a bit of furniture inspiration is good too! Below we have compiled a few websites you can use for a bit of inspiration on how to redecorate your home.


Pinterest is always a favourite; not only does it have an array of photographs that you can look through to find what you want, it also, if you look hard enough, has a few how-to’s on DIY furniture projects. These can be great for the home as, like bespoke furniture, they’re one of a kind. Pinterest is highly recommended to anyone that is looking both for a bit of inspiration or wants to see what’s currently trending as it is easy to use and consists of imaginative projects. Sometimes users pop a bit of information on where they got the furniture from, another reason why this site is great to use as you won’t have to look far for what you like.


Houzz is another site that is widely used by homeowners as it not only offers photographs for every room of the house so you can see what others have done to reinvent their home, but it also offers adequate advice on how to achieve the desired look. This is great for people that need a helping hand in DIY furniture projects and basic and advanced essentials like electrical work. Unlike Pinterest, Houzz also have a unique assortment of products that you can purchase through the site, so that you don’t have to keep swapping from site to site to find the goods you want. Lastly, you can even create an idea book through the site so that any images you see can be saved and opened in one easy location.


Like the concept of an idea book, Tumblr allows users to re-post and post pictures onto their page so that everything you need can be accessed efficiently and quickly. Like the two above, Tumblr is crawling with unique DIY projects, how-to guides and furniture ideas making it ideal for homeowners looking to redecorate. You can even post a before and after picture to show your followers afterwards and become the inspiration!

These are just three of the websites you can use to look for inspiration. The internet is full of furniture inspiration sites, so keep looking to find exactly what you want!

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